Our Way

Life is something that you can describe.
But feelings.
You cannot express every single things about your feeling.

Feeling is just too complex 
And sometime,
It is complicated.

May be someone is good in expressing their feeling.
But not everyone in this world.
They might good in expressing.
But they may not express everything.

You would not know that.
Because we are human.
Human can't read people mind.

So since that happened,
You may be someone that is not good in expressing your feeling.
You can do something else to express them.

Like me,
Im writing to express them.
And for my beloved sister,
She is drawing when she needs to express something.

Because we,
We are not in a group of good in expressing our feeling.

Don't worry.
Just do the way you may feel comfortable to let go of your feeling.
It is okay even it might sound really weird.

Really, it is, and it will, 
Be okay.

Just do it,
If that will make you feel better.
Don't keep it.
That's not a good way of keeping it.

Let it go.
You can't keep it for a long time.
Trust me.

We need to express or say out loud when it comes to our feeling.
Because this may effect our emotions.
And things will get more worst when it comes to that part.

So relax.
And follow the flow.
Feel it and let it go.

Try it and you will know it better.
Just do it in your own way.
You will be forever okay :)