Special Him


A guy who has taken away my heart for now. Is that enough to define who is the special him?
I hope its enough to fully describe what does that means.

Today is the special day for my special him. I guess everyone has their own special day every year right, so yes today is his day.

I have been guilty since i know i can't get him any special birthday present and also plans some surprise small candle light dinner for him. I am truly sorry :'(

But here i am, going to write down something for him. As i hope this will be enough for now.


Dear special him,

Happy 21st Birthday to you :) I wish all of your wishes will be granted by Him and be happy.
I am sorry that i could not plan anything special for you. 

Thank you for all these days that you have been more likely 24 hours with me. Be there when i need someone, stay through my ups and down, listen well to what i said, hear everything i told and love me for who i am, thanked you.

You are so nice and kind with as until now i believe that i dont deserve you, you're so gentle and soft as i am so rough and sarcastic but you still bare them all with your patience, you're getting to know and handle me so well as sometimes i feel like i am rude to you by not accepting your opinions and rarely listens to you, but you always treat me as usual like nothing that i have done thats hurt you.

You know my stories, you heard my past, but you didn't back up, still be with me which makes me feel so warm and safe. As always saying that you loved me as who i am now makes me feel touched and secured with you. 

Maybe you don not know there are some parts that i love about you which are :

Your bright smile when we were skyping.

Your stares when you look at me

Your body scent when we went out.

Your warm hug.

Your stupid jokes that sometimes i didn't get.

Your explanations when i got blur.

Your late bed time reminders.

Your supportive and encourage words when im down.

Your logical and tolerate behavior.

Your patience with my attitude.


Your trust towards me.

That are some parts of you that i love. I think i have not tell you these right? 
And of course, I love you.

You have bring my smile back on my face, you have bring back my laughter in my daily life, you have give me back my confidence, you have give me hope and trust, and also you have teach me back to love.

And im in love with you now.
Is that right?

Please know that im getting to change, through out these changes you will see the real me, so please stay patience and strong with me for now as i will always have you in my heart. 

Thank you for everything that you have gave and i am really sorry for my imperfections, my wronged, my rude, my sarcasm, i am sorry.

So these my little present for your special day. 
I hope you will read and understand them with your heart :)

Happy Born Day My GUY :)

I love you, Al-Amir Aziz.

By : Qistina Kamaruddin.