will you

Dear my good guy,

 I have some sort of questions that i would like to ask you, 
will you answer them for me?

is it okay if i don't own a flawless face? - i do have scars and acne on my face.
will you be okay with that?

is it alright if i don't really put any make up onto my face? - i like to have my face free and bare.
will you be alright with it?

is it acceptable for you if i can't be in slim fit figure? - im gaining weight for all my enjoyable meals.
will you accept that?

is it okay if i don't act like lady like person? - im enjoying being my-rough-emo-self.
will you be okay with them?

is it alright if i dont have the pure and kind heart? - because mine was broken into pieces.
will you ...?

is it acceptable for all that matters? - it feels like ruin and insecure.
will you bare with all of flaws?

why? - because i'm imperfection.