Clannad - Dango

Dah tiga hari berlalu, dan hari ni hari yang ke-empat.
Jenis perempuan macam aku, memang suka tengok cerita animation.
Tambah-tambah dari japan.
Their story will so fantastic.

And, i end up today with a story called "Clannad"
I dont know why, but at the first time i saw this movie,
My heart said, it was related to me and you.
Automatic my head think of the "Dango" song that you send to me before,

I have watch it dear,
I don't know whether you have watch the movie or not,
But i love it.
Really do.

The movie was really my type.
And that makes me sad,
Because you knew me so well.
But now you are no more with me.

You have gone,
Further away from me.
But i will remain me.
As i always be.

Because when ever you come back, no matter when,
I will always be me. So that you don't have to search for the new me.
Because of me, the real me, you have fallen in love with me before.
So i will just remain the precious memories even you are not coming back.

I will just be like the movie :)
Strong, cheerful, childish,
Like Nagasi, the cute girl.

Dear, i hope you are doing well now.
Just to let you know, 
Im moving on now.

Just like you wanted.
Im moving on.