Topic Chosen

Assalammualaikum, Hye semua :)

So for today entry, lets make it short and simple okay? This is because i na baca buku law kejap lagi, jadi ta boleh luang masa yang lama dengan blog :(

Come, let me tell you what's for today. Based on the title post, it is because i have already choose my topic for my speech next week. It is for MGT238 class.

For first, im thinking to choose the relay between employer and his/her employee but the lecturer already spoke about that. And furthermore, Moon also said that the topic will not be good enough to talk.

So this time i think i have chosen the suitable topic which is " Be Yourself ". I have been inspired by one of this chinese girl in my class and moreover, i have a lot of experiences about these :)

That will be for my speech. Wish me luck okay for tomorrow's test and next week speech. 

That's all for today guys. Bye ~

Thank you :))