Scared to Death

When i was a little girl,

Everything that makes me scared,

Will got push away by my beloved people,

But now,

There are no more,

Im not a little dad's or mom's girl anymore,

Im a lady,

A lady who hasn't overcome her strength and her scared,

And now, again...

I feel the same thing. 

and do know,

i dont like this feeling.

What feeling?

the feeling when you feels...

Scared, Nervous, Fever, Heartbeat Stopped, Stress,

Over thinking, Trembling, Tired, Exhausted,

Yes, i don't like this when it's going to happen,

Scared to Death.

Hye, Assalammualaikum :) Annyeong everyone !

I started with my own poetry again is it? Mianhae, Just pernah tak korang rase macam tu? 

Sekarang i tengah alami benda tu. So i translate my feeling in term of poetry. Even it is not so good, but it is just a part of my hobby and it's just for my satisfaction.

When the things screwed up, or the thing that have been planned work out wrongly, I will be like a dead fish. I get to feel so down, cried like a baby, got horrible headache which i hate those and yeah absolutely my body will be weak.

So this is one of the way i erase my sadness or my problems, by writing. No matter in this humble blog or in my old diary or even in my note in my phone. I did write some in my phone because phone is one of the closest gadget to us is it?

I just dont want to bother my closest friend with my problems so i will write some which is related to what i felt on that time. The ideas i got from what i feels and what i have been through. 

But when the things are out of my control, i couldn't even write so when this situation come, there's somebody that i will call to calm myself. Thank you so much to him and her. There are like a part of my family. I will not forget their kindness.

Korang mesti wondering now why i wrote this post kan?

Let's guess.


No answer? 

So come, let me tell you. In this coming Wed, i have my law test which included two essay questions and one problem question. The paper is damn hard for me. I didn't get good marks in my law assignments and i have to do well in this test. 

For next week, will be the hectic week again for me which i will be having my due date for MGT assignment and my second ENL test. Ya Allah, i think i will be mayat hidup la after ni.

Yep, now i rase sangat sangat takot. Bukan apa, i na dapat good result, i dont want to fail any paper. If i fail, i have to pay more to take that reseat paper. Huh,

Now, i can't do anything and just study :) Come, let's keep me accompany okay ? Pray for me okay? Dae ~

So that's it for today. I pun ta tau dah ape i mengarut kat atas. Mianhae :(

Thank you .