As time passed,
People also changed,
Take note to yourself.

They will change,
Just we dont know
When, and where

When they have changed,
On that time,
You can't change them back,
Even if you want to,

You just have to accept,
The new who they are,
And what they're going to be,

Be prepared,
For which ever going to happens,
You have to bare with it,
You have to face it,

Even they might hurt your feelings,
Or even they may give you the effect,
Just go with the flow,

Because they are the one we loved,
We don't get to bother if other people changing,
We just concern about our loved one,

Whatever they are before in past,
Whatever they're now,
Whatever they're going to be

Just put into yourself,
Stay with them,
Be with them.

Because they are still who they are,
Just they are changing,

They are just being Different.