Sometimes really i asked Allah to take away this feeling from me,

Sometimes i felt really it is enough because i got tired,

Sometimes i feel im used to it and i think i can go through them again,

Sometimes i asked Allah to let you be mine when i feel the happiness,

Sometimes i got crazy and kept on called your name because i missed you,

Sometimes i asked myself to let you go because im so sad,

Sometimes i feel like i wanna throw away this feeling when my tears roll down,

Sometimes i could smile and laugh alone when my mind recall our times together,

And they are all about sometimes,

This is because of the 3 years memories i had

They were so much i been through and 

And they are so many sometimes i felt in this 3 years

Just now 

Let it be.

Sometimes will not be so bad after all these times i guess :))


By :

Qistina Kamaruddin